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Originally Posted by Akuma Kousaka View Post
Fortunately, the grassroots wing of the Democratic party from Justice Democrats to Brand New Congress is more than happy to alleviate the circumstances that pushed America to elect a demagogue into office. In the meantime, please inform me when the establishment wing of the Democratic party will work to end America's military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan, when it will decide to stop arming terrorist states including but not limited to Saudi Arabia, when it is going to stop the Drug War when the solution is legalize, tax, and regulate substances instead of arresting somebody for wanting to tweek their conscious, when they are going to push for medicare for all as 45k Americans die every year due to not having healthcare and being the only modern nation where medical bankruptcy is tangible, when they move to start eliminating the fact 50% of the nation makes $30k a year or less, when they start to work against the Free Trade Deals that have financially devastated the states that previously went to Obama but then went to Trump as rallied religiously against TPP and NAFTA, and when they start working toward a Green New Deal as the world will be hard-pressed to mock any political circus if said world were uninhabitable. If not, the grassroots Democrats will replace them, and enough of the Republicans (though they are certainly not against Republicans willing to support these policies), that change can be enacted so that a demagogue cannot feed on that anxiety to rise to power. We should also acknowledge that even if Hillary won and operations continued as usual, it would not address the underlying problem before another demagogue rises to power; we should count our blessings that the current demagogue was not smart enough to expose himself only after he ingratiated himself with the populace

The establishment Democrats will continue to blame Bernie Sanders and his ilk for losing the election, most likely. In the meantime, can I suggest you peruse the Justice Democrats' platform so you can see how they want to "fix this shit"?
I certainly agree that the establishment Democrats shirking on these issues is also why I don't like them. But. Priorities.

We are running to risk of losing years of progress made for racial and gender equality.

I'm not saying these issues aren't that important. But tell that to the transgender people that got booted out of the military. The Legal residents being detained because they might have become a "terrorist country". Tell that to the people in Japan and South Korea living with the concern of nukes over their head. Those people
that are in danger of losing their healthcare. Tell that to the nearly 1 million people that risk being deported because of what their parents did. Regardless of what kind of unity we find in 2018 much less 2020, these things are already happening, and even whatever rope a dope Democrat or even random spineless harem lead Republican that got elected would not be pushing that hard to get rid of Obamacare, the very legacy that the Democrats have been doing this decade with Obama nor would they be dealing with deporting masses of people.

These are the direct affects of the political climate, regardless of whoever is right or has a better position.

Is this all a ruse to distract from those above issues you listed? Most likely. But if Americans cannot even get to get together to decide on relatively basic issues, then we're pretty damned screwed anyways. What's really missing from the common narrative is that things can and always get worse. Just grab a history book.

Originally Posted by Blueknight78 View Post
ok man after read that and some of the things which you are asking i stopped to "agree with you" and think which what you are askin no one gonna do don't matter if rep or dem or any other party because it's are just a sort of "insane asks", or close to that, drugs no srry if a person want to take they life off with it, it's not ok, it's only show how that person are in need for a true help and drugs don't do any good things.
Throwing people in jail rarely does any good things either. In America, prison is not about rehabilitation. There's a reason why we have such a high ratio of incarceration and known for a brutal and uncaring system that creates more hardened criminals. We throw people in jail because prison labor can be a valuable resource, as well as giving police free reign to target minorities and terrorize their communities because "there might be drugs" In fact, while funding for schools is for debate, prisons is not, since why bother educating people when it'd just make them harder to arrest and be used as indentured servants?

Do some research on Nixon. He makes Trump look like an alright person even if he was better at hiding it.
At that moment, I felt like I wouldn't mind losing my life.
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