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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
On the subject of drugs, I partial agree with Akuma, but would add controlled use to the list. If it is taxes, regulated, and controlled in specific locations, than if someone wants to tweek, trip, or whatever, they'll be doing it inside a government building where they , in theory, can't harm anyone else if something goes badly. Tax and regulatory revenue would be where the government backs back all those billions to trillions of dollars spent on the War on Drugs.
They wouldn't have to legalize all drugs, but the penalities for possession really need to be lessened; the fact that you can get more jail time possessing drugs than killing someone is really the system out to get people.

Funny how the country does not care about the health of their citizens and would willingly let people die if they can't afford health care because their decisions got them there so the free market/force of nature/Sun God means their consequences are just, but the same issue comes with drugs and out come the massive state intervention because they really don't care that people are addicted to drugs, but it's gotta be the ones that the pharmaceuticals peddle out to the masses and thus approved and be money is to be made.
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