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Current conversation this thread is pretty funny in light Dem victory last night and by a huge margin I might add.

Originally Posted by Eisdrache View Post
You guys were so busy blaming each other that you forgot to come up with actual ideas for a solution. It has been almost a full year since Trump got inaugurated and goddamn Bernie and Hillary supporters are STILL arguing which side to blame. Keep it up and by the time you finally sit together to discuss actual steps Trump will be on the doorstep of ruining the US for another four years.
I'm pretty damn sick and tired of it too, when will people realize the Dems are and have always been a big tent party? We practically align most of the key issues (healthcare, education, taxation, criminal justice reform, less military spending, civil and social progress) which are all entirely opposite of the GOP, but we decided engage in pointless purity contests because we prioritize a different order of those things we support. Yes some of Dems of have business ties and there few others on that lean more conservative then the rest like Joe Manchin, but that isn't whole party. Furthermore FDR got us path social economy and he was centrist corporate democrat. The party isn't perfect sure, but to treat pragmatic minded Dems as some sort Republican lite is ridiculous.

To be frank Bernie did way more damage to party than he helped and contributed very little, but lastnight proved the party as whole can win without his assistance when all the candidates he dropped support lost. In 2016 should have done what his pick Tom Perriello did when he lost to Northam who turned to endorsed much sooner instead of promoting conspiracy theories about things about things he damn well knew wasn't true.

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