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Originally Posted by Marion View Post
Except it's very clear that nobody really cares whether he marries Shannon or not. Rudolf, for example, had to of overhear George practicing in EP 2 but its pretty obvious he didn't say anything to anyone. Hideyoshi also seems to be okay with it when he found out in EP 1, while Eva was saying how she was glad Shannon was dead.

In EP 6 George clearly targeted Eva because he knew she would get in the way of his marriage to Shannon. I swear, this whole forbidden love stuff is way too overdone for George and Shannon.

Except he didn't target Eva except in a fantasy scene. Eva was actually targeted by Erika for a different reason.

If Georges goal was just to marry Shannon then I agree, there would be no reason. But what happened was that we got some kind of hint from a fantasy scene that he does kill family members. Ep3 and the one you mentioned ep6. Now the fantasy reason is probably the lie, so what remains is the possibility that his goal is not exactly as he's stated.
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