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The existence of a real Beatrice does fit with the scenario of both shkannon and ghosterika being true. And in that case Erikatrice would become the most logic assumption.

This option would also save 2 out of the 3 couples, instead of only 1 with classic shkannon theory.

The only problem I see with this is that according the Zepar and Furfur, Beato, Shannon and Kanon are exactly in the same situation.

We know that what Zepar and Furfur said is of extreme importance, so if the correct interpretation is the one supposed by shkannon theorists, then Beatrice should fit in that as well.

If the fact that only one among the 3 couples can succeed is because shannon and kanon are the same person, so even Beatrice should be another personality of the same person. Else it should be possible for Beato to still crown her love dream regardless of Kanon or Shannon winning the test.


I do not relate with your definition of "eccentric". You seem to imply that eccentric can only be defined someone who does things not done by anyone else. That's not the common definition. Eccentric is whoever does things blatantly against the norm, which includes a very large group of people if we search through the whole world.

Being fanatic of occultism is, for example, not exceptionally rare, but it is eccentric. By the way Oliver "being a fanatic of occultism" does not imply being a practitioner of occultism anymore than being a fanatic of movies involves being an actor or a director.
Yet again I do not relate with your definitions.

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