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Originally Posted by Shiro Kaisen View Post
Beatrice is a personality created by Shannon and is in love with Battler. Shannon remains in love with George. However, unlike the bullcrap DID perpetuated by Shkanon fans, a personality cannot be "killed." So for Kanon to be happy, he must kill his sister. When Battler is out of the picture, when he is locked in his closed room, Beatrice is unable to fulfill her objective of causing Battler to remember his sin. She plans to set off the bomb instead. Kanon cannot let this happen, because he must save his lovely ojou-sama. Sayo has to try and eliminate this Beatrice personality somehow, and she assumes that since it is after Battler, she would have to eliminate Battler to get rid of it.
This is contradictory. If a personality cannot be "suppressed" then Shannon and Beatrice are forever bound to coexist. Which is not what Zepar and Furfur say.

Your theory doesn't really has any advantage on shkanon because you still accept the existence of two personalities inside a single body.

Also there are other ways to stop someone from committing a massacre. Killing is not certainly a necessity.

and I repeat again:

also your theory does not explain why Zepar and Furur claim that Beatrice, Kanon and Shannon are "less than human". and why the love test will make them "whole" so that they can be allowed to love.

when Shannon wins it is said that "the souls are gathering into Shannon".
and as a consequence Kanon and Beatrice are both vanishings.

There's no way the unfortunate incident was caused by a bomb!
P.P.S: Battler says to Beatrice I will kill you! Therfore if you accept Shannontrice you either accept that personalities can be killed or you need to think that Battler is going to kill Shannon.

If Beatrice doesn't join the game she simply loses by default as the part I quoted clearly show.

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