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Originally Posted by Shiro Kaisen View Post
And what do you mean, "no mention of Kanon being alive?"

And I didn't say Sayo actually COULD kill Beato, just that she thought she could. There's a difference, a very key difference. If you had a personality in your head you realized was trying to bomb your lover to smithereens, you'd try to get rid of them too. But you wouldn't wanna tell your lover you were bat**** crazy, because that would be a bad idea.
There is never a solid 100% showing that Kanon is alive, and is an actual person. The all red text about Kanon normally say he is dead, none ever say he is alive.

And you can kill a personality. With therapy you can remove your other personality if you have DID which is can be considered 'killing' that personality. But since I don't think Shannon is THAT mentally crazy, I don't think she has DID, which makes things even easier to explain Shakannon

(Sorry about the double post btw)
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