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Mr 2.: "Un, deux, TROIS!"

Sanji: "Mello~rine! Mello~rine!"

Usopp: "Or Else, my 80,000,000 men will crush you!"
Luffy: "Sugoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Translation: Awesome, but sounds better as Sugoi.)

Terracotta (Igaram's wife) : "I heard you eat a lot, can you snack on this until dinnertime?"
Luffy: Okay.
*Food dissapears*
Sanji & Zoro : Was that some sort of trick?!

Usopp: "USSOP....Ahhhhhahhahhhaaaaahhhhahhahaaaa"

The next one is from a game, but i loved it

Luffy: "Hey sanji, that plant looks tasty, can we eat it?"
Sanji: "Why the hell do you want to eat everything?"
Usopp: "Yah, for all we know, it could blow up."
Chopper: "WOW USOPP! You know a lot!"
Franky: "He doesn't know that it will explode."
Brooke: "But if it does, you all will have afros just like mine! Yohohoho!"
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