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Originally Posted by incube View Post
And Horo doesnt fall under the tsundere category either... most of the times she is just teasing Lawrence. She doesnt act differently when they are alone or with other ppl... i mean you cant call those few love-love moments the "personality change" of the typical tsundere girl.
Actually she does act like tsudere but the different kind than lets say Louise or Shana. Horo follows the old type tsundere character where teasing and flirting was also the way to mask ones insecurities, rather than just plain denying the feelings and masking them with violence.

Many people forget that the tsunderes that we are used to see lately are not the only tsundere types.

Remember Madoka from Kimagure Orange Road, she is counted as a tsundere, despite being different from moefied new versions like Louise and Shana.

Horo follows the classical (old) tsundere type rather closely. Similar to Sheryl from Macross Frontier. Its just that authors return back to the old type of tsundere rather than going with moe new one.
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