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one thing they all had kinda screwy though is the scene near the end of 12. What the hell does Abe wisper into lawrences ear? Can anyone kinda familiar with japanese fill me in? that scene never made any sense to me and all 3 subs are different its at 16:35 or so

Mazui she says 'i'm hoping'
sfw says 'I had high hopes for you'
frotii says 'because i had my expectations'

none of those make too much sense what does she actually say here? hopefully someone can fill me in because id rather just keep the mazui sub but that one line seems off. So anyone who has some basic japanese that can play that line and say wtf she is saying?
All of these are pretty much correct translations. She says "期待しているからだ。" or "kitai shite iru kara da."
Kitai means "expectation" or "hope," shite iru is the present progressive of "to do," kara means "because," and da is a copula. So..."Because I am hoping/expecting." So I'd say the mazui translation is the most literal. In Japanese, subject and direct objects are often left off to be inferred. I don't know if that helps you much, but that's what she said.
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