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Originally Posted by Joe Dalton
Meh the game franchise of of FF doesnt have much credit imho..... I'm a big rpg fan but FF has never interested me much (ff7 was fun though)
FF is basicly the kind of game that brings people that should never be allowed to play an rpg.
I've heard the phrase this game is so cool if only they would skip that boring talking stuff and go to the action.....
What ff fails to realise for someone that like rpg's usualy graphics come in dead last yet it has put it as a first priority.
I would love an anime about suikodun.
I agree with you that FF needs to put the game and story first. Graphics come dead last on my list as well. However, they are catering to the least common denominator which sadly loves shiney objects and watches survivor.

There is an anime based on the Suikoden, but it is not based on the game. The game is infact (very loosely) based on a Chinese story (Shuihu Zhuan) that in Japanese is called the Suikoden. I too would love to see an anime based on one of the Suikoden games (2 would be a good place to do it).
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