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Originally Posted by Joe Dalton
dbz sucks saint seiya rocks
but just to let it sink in properly dbz sucks
just to make sure it sinks in.... dbz sucks
and on a final note. dbz really does suck >>>>> dbz <<<<<< people that watch dbz

and to compare

yup The holynis known as Cowboy bebop and saint seiya

people that watch Cowboy bebop and saint seiya >>>
Bakayaro! DBZ Is the BEST! It is a F*king peace of Art! its the show that start it all in Japan and US It made the industry grow the way it is today probably 50% of the shows you know would not exist if it wasent for DBZ! Think before you speek or shut your mough...

My favourite anime is Kareshi No Kanojo

The worst..I like all but I'd say Ocha-ken
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