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[QUOTE=Esperchld]Evangelion is the worst anime that deserves to be used as a frisbee. [QUOTE]

wow... now that was something that I never expected

I suppose you hated the fact that it was confusing as hell and really 'messed up'?

N E WayZ... for me:

Recent frisbees:

Ikki would be one that I wouldn't mind throwing away.

Why? Cuz they took a promising plot (in my opinion), and completely screwed it over with unnecessary fanservice.

To make things worse, it seems as if the producers decided to scrap the plot half-way, and give a half-ass resolution.

E's Otherwise:
If I only had the first 1/2, I'd definately keep it... but as a series I'd throw this away (unless they decide to give a series 2)

Yet another example of a good story going down the drain... so much promise, yet SUCH a disappointing ending.


(and yes, I HATE animes that give me a screwed up ending... cuz it's like "WTF?! you call that an ending?!")

But come to think of it... I don't really think I've really seen many anime titles that are THAT bad...

Maybe I'll try being less picky then =D
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