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There's still one way I could see Sibyl sort of "unraveling" in the last 20-odd minutes of narrative to be told.

And ironically, that's if Sibyl "wins".

Makishima truly loathes Sibyl, I think. Whatever you think of him overall, he's been rather consistent in pointing out flaws in the Sibyl system of Japan, and expressing his general disdain of it. This episode was no exception.

Now, suppose Akane successfully achieves her goals, and brings Makishima back to Sibyl. His brain is forcibly removed, and added into the Sibyl collective. All of Makishima's thoughts, likely totally unrestrained, are now "felt" and "heard" throughout the whole of Sibyl. In the immediate aftermath of being forced into the Sibyl collective, these thoughts are likely to be decidedly negative towards Sibyl, and likely tinged with significant anger.

Sibyl doesn't understand Makishima. Maybe part of that is that they don't understand why he hates Sibyl. But if and when he's added into the Sibyl collective, maybe they'll understand well enough...

Makishima's anti-Sibyl thoughts could unravel Sibyl from the inside, force them to confront troubling truths about their system that they were never really forced to confront before.

You could get a sort of "Does not compute... does not compute... does not compute!" breakdown ending for Sybil.

I don't think this is particularly likely, but I think there's some chance of it. I have to admit that I'd find it a deliciously ironic ending.
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