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This was a really conventional episode, but it was still pretty good. As usual, Psycho-Pass is best when it sticks to action/tension and stays away from the dialogue.

I'm not sure how they can justify sending only four policemen to potentially keep Japan from falling into ruin. Luckily, the story trys to avoid dwelling on this. It sort of kills any sense of urgency though. And the plant can't be turned off without turning off the security system? Who designed this place - TEPCO?

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Yayoi raised a giant death flag in this ep but it's doubtful she'll die. Her death would have little to no impact on the other characters (this episode marked the first time she interacted with one of her coworkers in a meaningful way, and Akane had too much on her mind to care), so it'd be pretty pointless to kill her. She's probably going to sit in the control room like a good girl while Akane resolves the conflict.
It'd be pretty pointless to do anything with her for that matter. The only way that Yayoi will be allowed to play a significant role in the show is for her to die.

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I also don't really see Makishima as the complete antithesis to Kougami, the way Joker is to Batman. If anything I think Makishima has a closer connection to Akane (but the series decided not to play that up).
If the show associated Makishima to Akane, there'd be nothing for Kougami to do!
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