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Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
I also don't really see Makishima as the complete antithesis to Kougami, the way Joker is to Batman. If anything I think Makishima has a closer connection to Akane (but the series decided not to play that up).
The biggest reason that Kougami isn't Batman, is that Kougami isn't a psychologically traumatized 10 year old boy.

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Seriously. Go to 56 seconds. Batman is apologizing to his dead parents grave about how he doesn't want to become a costumed vigilante freak and beat up hoodlums. As if his parents WANTED him to do this. Can you honestly look at this guy and say that he isn't batshit loco? The emotional and intellectual angst that Joker and Batman put into fighting with each-other makes allot more sense when you realize they're both insane.

Kougami's feelings towards Makishima are positively normal by comparison. Kougami attributes the death of his partner and other innocent people to Makishima. And because of that, Makishima is going to become a hunting dog and tear Makishima's throat out. It's ultimately why Makishima can't psychologically trip up Kougami the same way Joker can Batman. Batman is a traumatized little boy playing dress-up, and Kougami is a hunting dog.

It's actually one reason why I'm a bit surprised they didn't decide to play up the Makishima/Akane setup more. Ultimately, Akane was the one who was philosophically inclined to dwell over and make a counter point to the things Makishima said. Kougami simply wants to kill him.
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