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Originally Posted by babbito2k
The short answer is no.

Incest is a taboo in Japan just like everywhere else (cousins are considered a little differently from the way they are in the US, but I don't know details).
In Japan, marriage between first cousins are legal. This most likely stems from the traditions of rich and powerful daimyo lords during the feudal era. Much like the Hapsburgs and Victorian Europe, many Japanese daimyo lords would "strengthen alliances and blood" by marrying into distant relatives. To Japanese, "first cousins" are "far enough" not cause any distinctive genetic anomolies. Hence, first-cousin relationships are not considered to be incestuous here. Although the number of such relationships have been declining in the past 100 years, there are many people in Japan who will say that their great-grandparents were actually first cousins.

And yes, like anywhere else, incest is considered to be a social taboo in Japan. We fear the genetic, social and emotional consequences that arise from incest.

But there is a certain fascination about [older-brother/younger-sister] incestual relationships among Japanese hardcore otakus. To cater to such fans, there are numerous games and stories that have been created for such matters...with a twist. You are introduced to yourself being an older brother and falling in love with your younger sister. However, the twist is that "you two are not actually blood-related." The most notable example is the "Sister Princess" game:

"The more you and your favorite younger sister spend time together, the less you two become blood related."

In actual Japanese law however, is that even if two siblings are not related-by-blood, they still stand in the family registry as being siblings so their relationships are deemed incestuous and illegal.

Sadly, therefore, no matter how much Junichi and Nemu falls in love with each other in "D.C.~da capo~" their relationship is null by decree of Japanese national law.
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