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As always, no way I can keep up with this thread.

Spoiler for Wandering Shadow Part 2:

I took a lot more liberties with the text this time. A lot of conversation in this one, so a lot more to change. I also tried my hand at changing the tone of various people talking and Kyon-ko's inner dialogue (Linguistics class finally pays off...) At best, it should subconsciously make sakanaka sound more male and Kyon-ko more worst, it's unnoticeable.

Luckily, none of the new minor characters here have their personal names used, so I haven't had to decide on they get revealed in vol. 8 at some point? And if so, any opinions on gendermorphed names?

Rosseau is indeed an interesting name for a dog...considering that Rosseau the philosopher was male and the dog is female now...Anyone know of any good female philosophers that could cover for this?
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