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Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
I'm just pissed that he's sill propping up the shitty system by keeping it on the 800-billion dollar life-support. If I were him I'd just let the old rotten structure collapse, teach all the people a lesson for letting America get into this mess, and start anew. It's not that anyone will starve to death or anything since we have all the food we could need.
Problems with sending the US system down the drain:
1) Everyone will trash Obama, since the people are dumb and will never realize that pumping in money doesn't help much.

2) If you want to renew, you better take out the entire system. Otherwise, we'll end up with even more dominance of the elite that survive.

3) Among the only industries left standing if this were to happen are those serving the military. We don't need more of their dominance. In fact, it'd creep me out if any of the companies that survive gain dominance, because those are mostly government-related.

4) A good deal of the world economy leans on America. If the US economy is allowed to die, even for the shortest time, the international market will suffer, and then immediately recenter itself around Europe and China (if not Russia and the Middle East, which don't like us). The US will take decades to get that focus back again, if ever.

5) People *will* starve to death, because in dire times nobody will share. Getting people to share is a social dilemma that will never prevail over personal greed. I'd expect massive street fighting over "all the food we could need."

What Obama really needs to get across is that America is seriously threatened as the most powerful nation on Earth and the American people need to stop assuming that they're undoubtedly the best.

Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
Good. Our world is corrupt and the entire globalized economic system is all about the slaves and slave-drivers. If it all collapses (which I see as inevitable) hopefully we can start anew and correct some of the fundamental mistakes, though it'll no doubt involve a fair amount of suffering.
Correct. In fact, I measure all forms of political and socioeconomic change based on how many lives they cost. What you suggest would run up hundreds of thousands.
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