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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
I don't know that Iran is "supported" by Russia so much as Iran is just a good customer for arms-dealing Russia (and many other construction projects). Russia doesn't control Iran so much as it simply finds Iran useful in forcing the Europe and the US to waste resources and capital there that might be applied elsewhere.

China is also a major arms dealer with a number of customers we'd rather they not sell to.

And of course, the US is a huge arms dealer.... except we frequently find ourselves giving our customers the money and then having them buy stuff from our companies. :P

Pattern here is that the world's arms dealers are basically propping up situations that might otherwise dissipate if everyone hadn't structured so much of their "big" economic engines in the arms dealing sector.

So... basically it sucks.
Obligatory insertion of relevant argument from my conflict studies class:

Well, technically there are certain weapons that are considered primarily defensive and therefore might actually decrease the chance of war by giving the defender the advantage, but given that these weapons don't make up all sales, I would tend to agree.
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