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Originally Posted by zalas
Try looking on eBay for Ribon furoku lots. Sometimes they have Full Moon merchandise.
Yeah found a couple of those. Not the kind of thing I was hoping for.

It's really irritating, shows like One Piece and Naruto have merchadise coming out of their asses, but the gems like Full Moon wo Sagashite and Koi Kaze don't get anything. Maybe Geneon will give us cool stuff with Koi Kaze if it gets released in USA (doubtfully). Although I recently found a beautiful 12" statue of Nadia! I picked it up for $89.

I would have a heart attack if I found a wallscroll of Full Moon's "Myself" Abulm cover, hehe. I'd do anything to get it. Can't find anything outside of the artbook of Kaleido Star, too. The stands that come with the DVD's are low quality (in artistic detail, that is). Wish I could get the picture of Rosetta kissing Sora without the fold marks (came with Kaleido Star v.2 R1 release).
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