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The pacing was fast. They don't even show the esper battles. It's supposedly Daihasei. They should had at least shown the sports battle after Touma's class got serious to help Komoe Sensei.

Scenes after scenes and I can't enjoy it much but still it's SEIRI!!! FINALLY FUKIYOSE SEIRI is shown! the iron girl which can withstand Touma's charm. The only friend of Touma which is girl that doesn't have feelings for him. The one who controls the delta force

I love Seiri's voice and her Falcon Punch is awesome

The only thing I remember much on this episode which took out half of vol 9 in one episode is Seiri.

Nice romantic bgm and the final scene really makes me doki doki even though those two are friends. No wonder the fans want FukiyosexKamijo Me want too!
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