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Turn-A abilities (don't remember where that come from) :

-Real ammunition cannot damage its armour
-Beam weapons are deflected by its I-field
-Can teleport
-Can warp its attacks (can warp a beam shot directly INTO a cockpit)
-Beam rifle at maximum power is stronger than a colony laser
-The Moonlight Butterfly that destroyed Earth's civilization was at 20% power
-System Turn A's chest's multipurpose silo can summon weapons (it can only "summon" stuff from Earth, and apparently it can only be done with special devices made specifically for the Turn A.)
-The Moonlight Butterfly at 100% output can cover everything from Earth to Jupiter
-The teleportation system makes it possible for, as long as there are nanomachines available at all, regenerate everything entirely, including the pilot (Teleportation system apparently "saves" the status of the machine and everything in it and sends it somewhere. The nanomachines can use that data to regenerate everything (it just takes ages, depending on how much needs to be regenerated; Complete regeneration of everything is said to take thousands of years)
-The Turn Series uses DG cell technology (not stated if they actually use DG cells, probably just using some know-how from them in the nanomachines).
-They're actually meant for newtypes to pilot, as they were created by the newtypes (who left the Earth sphere) for interstellar war.
-The Turn A's hands are so sensitive they can be used to pick up a regular human-sized bucket of water.
-The Keilas Guilie or however you spell it (the attack satellite and beam cannon from Victory Gundam) can't even scratch the Turn A, and the Turn X Top can take control of it remotely (Turn A probably can too).
-Turn A's power source is two "縮退炉" ("degeneracy engines").
-The I-field beam drive system creates a film of particles over the surface of the machine and moves the parts (hence the lack of any need for motors and shit inside).

Turn A is created to carry out entire operations on its own (unlike other conventional weapons which are created just to fulfill certain roles)
I-field works on physical ammunition and shock as well as beams.
The info on the "DHGCP" in the setting materials just says that it uses two degeneracy reactors.

Info on the beam rifle:
Is not a mega particle cannon but a "rephaser" (kanji says resonating particles) cannon.
Extremely powerful, as it was made to fight gigantic space battleships.

Beam saber:
Focuses electromagnetic fields with plasma to cut through enemies with heat.

Gundam Hammer:
The Turn A spreads the I-field over the hammer itself and messes with the power of targets this way.

Multipurpose silo:
Originally meant for beam cannon drive units, missile systems, machine guns, other short-range weapons, additional power and so on.

Stuff not seen in the show:

System ∀:
It is unknown what "System ∀" actually refers to, but some think it has something to do with the multipurpose silo's weapon teleportation system.

DOC Base and 7th-GMPT:
A mobile armour called "DOC (device operation control) base" and a weapon or system called 7th-GMPT (for "7th generation Minovsky particle theory") existed as well.
The DOC base is a tactical system to come in a set with the Turn A that overturns conventional mobile suit operation. It has the ability to change the Turn A's chest compartment's equipment, and provide support. It was under Vicinity, but by the events of Turn A could no longer work. ART OF IT EXISTS, AND MODELS HAVE BEEN MADE OF BY MAGAZINES, APPARENTLY.
DOC Base and 7th-GMPT never showed up canonically, but you can see their names in the model kit materials from the time.

From the comic:
Black History-era Turn A had something else (not a beam saber) in its right saber rack. What it is, is unknown.

From the novels:
The Moonlight Butterfly can be projected in front of the Turn A to create a barrier, if enough nanomachines and certain parts of the machine are left it can regenerate completely over a few thousand years, and it can teleport.
Of these, the teleportation ability was seen in the show in episode 43 when it waved its beam sabers in front of the Bandit, and in episode 44 when Sochie and Sweatson Sutero were fighting.

G Generation Spirits:
In G Generation Spirits, the Turn A warps the beams from its rifle and snipes at targets from all directions, effectively executing all-range attacks without any funnel-type weapons.
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