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Meh. Why does every Gundam series have to start off good and steadily grow more and more ridiculous and stupid the longer it runs?

I really enjoyed 00's first season. It was pretty good--at least right up until the end, anyway. Reminded me a lot of Code Geass actually. Both series started off being pretty decent attempts at Real Robot (though nothing like Flag or Front Mission) and both ended up venturing way too far into Super Robot territory.

I didn't really have high hopes for the movie, as I knew going in that the Gundams would be ridiculous on the level of GSD (or worse, Wing's OVA). I really wanted to like it, I really tried, but ultimately, I failed.

Gundam is supposed to be Real Robot with the slightest flavoring of Super Robot (in the form of Super Prototypes and crazy fight scenes). This is definitely not Real Robot. The Magic GN Pixie Dust continues to asspull and spackle gaping holes in the plot. The fights weren't even that good--a lot of flashy explosions as gigantic-alien-bullets were "killed."

Shit like that makes me miss the awesome fights between the Meisters and Graham, Setsuna and Ali Al-Saachez from season one.

Honestly, I thought it sucked balls. I give it 2 out of 10 at best.
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