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White Canvas Shopping Help! >_<

WARNING- The following post will include links to online (manga/anime) doujin retail shops. Given the nature of the material, I forewarn that anyone visiting said links be 18 or older. Thank you.

Ok folks I could really use some help here. I'm not sure how many of you are into doujin, but if you are I'm sure you've come across the more prominent online doujin retailers such as,,,, and others I'm sure. Well you may or may not know that most of the Japan based stores -do not- do international orders (I have personally emailed and asked). Unfortunately these stores have the best inventory of doujin material not found/sold anywhere else!

So, I recently came across White Canvas ( and I noticed that they do infact take overseas/international orders (stated boldly in English). So using what little knowledge of Japanese I know (kana and a handful of kanji) I managed to locate some items I had been looking for. I added them to the shopping cart and clicked on what was basically "check out". But then to proceed after that an understanding of Japanese far beyond my basic level of comprehension was to be needed.

Needless to say the next step would be to get some help. I clicked my way over to the overseas/international order "help" (sorta) section and located an email to contact for more information. Well, logically I promptly sent out an email clearly, concisely, and politely asking for help. It has been over a week, have recieved no response, and at this point I don't see one coming. To make sure I did triple check to make sure the email addy was correct and have not recieved any mailing errors. Also, I do not use spam blocker(s).

Well in a nut shell if someone could help by perhaps translating the checkout screen (which you can't link directly to, sorry), or if someone has previous experience with this (or does it themselves) could maybe throw me a bone please? I suppose if someone would like to order for me, something could be arranged as well. Regardless at this point any help would be amazing. Thanks.

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