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Originally Posted by kanameXzero View Post
hello..i'm new here! good day to everyone...
I think it was night when you posted.. or not.
Remember this is an international forum, day for you night for me.
Originally Posted by yumi-lunamaria View Post
Hi everyone^^
Hum... I'm Yumi, 15, and come from France XD
Is it me or is everyone from france always posting here...
That's a good thing Yumi

Originally Posted by sapphire-pyro View Post
The name's Sapphire Pyro. I've been lurking around this forum for a long time now ^^; but I only thought of joining today ^^; Ehehe.

Hope to meet nice peeps here ^_^
Lolz.. so what do you do when you lurk?!~ don't worry I won't tell anyone~
Welcome to the Forum non-lurking side of the <whateva-those-star-wars-people-call-it>.

Originally Posted by ProzacFairy View Post
Hi I'm Sarah 22 from the UK.. ::waves::
:waves-back: W E L C O M E

Originally Posted by DeathEyes View Post
Looks like I'm another newbie on another forum.

Hey, I'm DeathEyes. Pleased to meet you all.

I am also a registered member on the Naruto Forums, Bleach Forums, and Final Fantasy Insider forums. I am currently active on the NarutoForums only.

Luckily I know how a forum is run, so mods, you shouldn't be expecting too much trouble from me.

Love goes out to everyone.

I don't think you know this one...

Originally Posted by rainbow_rena View Post
I'm Toni, I'm 14(15 soonish) from UK. I love Rena from Higurashi no Naku koro ni (hence the username) and I am a proud anime geek.
Lotz of people from the UK. ^^
Welcome to the forum.

Originally Posted by sasukelovesme View Post
hey i guess i should introduce myself

well my fav thing to do is watch anime i love it my fav one is naruto

my fav character off of that is sasuke

but i like anime alot

i watch it on the computer all the time

well thats me for you

bye bye
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Originally Posted by Ripplin View Post

I've browsed suki for a few years now, but decided to join the forum today. (I'm especially interested in Orguss DVD news!) Looks like a nice place. And it uses the same format as the forums where I'm also a member, so that's handy for me. I look forward to getting lots of great info here, and maybe even sharing some myself!
Uhh.. hehe.. welcome ^^''

Originally Posted by Misa View Post
=o new to forum but not new to anime or other forums!

Hello all

Weird Im a consider a new here but an oldie at my other forum

Have fun then..

Originally Posted by NightDreamer View Post
Hello to everyone here, I'm new to this forum aaand what else, I learn german and english(Not so good in english -.-' ) and I'm a complicated person, so don't take me lightly.
All complicated people are so simple to understand. O_O Welcome.
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