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Hello all members and staff at animesuki forum!

I'm a new here... my (net) name is "Furuno" (written with kanji "Furu (to fall)" and "Mono (thing)" but i'm too lazy to write it hahahaha....).

Age currently 17. Homeland Indonesia, but i think i'll go to Japan next year to attend college there. Most favourite anime genre is bishoujo, romance, drama, mecha, action, and almost everything.

Interest other than anime is computer. Currently possessing several programming skills such as Pascal, C, Basic, Java, (x)HTML, ASP, PHP, and SQL. My PC using self-modified slackware(slamd64) for anime usage , i called it animeNUX, currently still in beta phase. Hope can release it someday haha...

Most favourite momonet is downloading at over 100kbps. Most hated thing is Windows's bluescreen.

Well... that's all for now... Looking forward to get along with you guys!

Check my Blog / Thread / Twitter for some random stuffs...
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