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Originally Posted by LunarMoon View Post
Name a depressing ending in an American movie made for shock value, and I can name 15 happy endings, many of which were created by butchering book endings.
Actually a Western Animated series, Film, Comic Book, and Live-Action Series having a Downer Ending is quite common film trope, and yes all of those links lead to examples of endings that weren't happy.

Or if that, certain trope doesn't hit you then there's always The Bittersweet Endings, and of course series where the Main Hero Dies, or series where anyone in the cast can die, etc. And yes everyone of those links leads to examples.

If you've never seen any tv series, comic book, live-action series, western animated series, with a sad or bittersweet ending then you don't know that particular media very well.

I was? When? I can't imagine myself calling Brotherhood "childish", because I don't see being "childish" as a negative quality to a series. Hence why I mentioned how "childish" Alice in Wonderland is, before stating how much I enjoyed reading it. I couldn't care less about whether something's childish or not as long as it makes me think.
You brought up its light-heartedness and happy ending as a negative quality to the series, you also claimed that the series was completely unrealistic (goes to show how much you know about FMA), basically implying that you thought it to be childish and immature.

Again, I couldn't care less whether it's "juvenile" or not. And I'm still wondering why you do. Seriously, why do you care? Full Metal Alchemist is a shonen so of course it's going to be somewhat "juvenile", but that still doesn't stop it from having, what I regard as, a more nuanced set of themes than Brotherhood.
Actually no I don't care about anyone saying either adaptation is for kids, you wanna know why? Because they are for kids.

Are you seriously going to make the argument that Full Metal Alchemist is racist? That's quite a charge. What's your evidence that this series is Mein Kampf Light?
Yes it was actually kinda racist, and very sexist. Example Roy, he kills hundreds of innocent civilians during the Ishvalan war, and you know the only one that he felt guilty for was when he killed two doctors of the same race as him. That is quite racist. As for sexism Rose, Dante, Winry, the way how Hawkeye gets pushed to the side, and Lust.
It's a theme, yes, but it isn't the main theme and it isn't a particular original one either. Kino's Journey and FMA 2003 may have the same theme of an "imperfect yet beautiful world", but I see that theme far less than that of trusting people and confiding in your friends.
I'd say that it didn't play off that theme very well as the farther the series went there was only ugliness shown in that world, with no beauty to be had. Kino Journey was able to find an equilibrium between the two, however, this one was so focused on showing how harsh it was it for the characters that it forgot to show the beauty of it. If this was a theme for the 2003 version it didn't pull it off.

I've mentioned this already. I've also mentioned that FMA 2003 isn't simply good because it has dark themes, and even went through the process of bringing up examples of poor dark fiction. As for the series being childish? Again, I couldn't care less. You're talking to a guy who reads super hero comics.
Funny because that's the reason you gave for thinking it to be good.

The brother admitted to forgetting about her? I don't even see how that's possible. Grave of the Fireflies is based on an autobiographical novel, and the author obviously remembered enough about his sister to bother writing about her, more than twenty years after her death.
yes he did, that's why the movie isn't about survivor's guilt the author moved on with his life.

Again, I don't care. I do not care about whether a series I watch is perceived as juvenile, and I do not care about whether I myself am perceived as juvenile. Hence, why I posted the C.S. Lewis quote and asked why you seem to care so much.[/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
a series being childish isn't a bad thing. What makes a series bad is the story itself.
Again the only one who was behaving like a dark elements makes a series good and mature is you. This was essentially why everyone has been on your case for the last couple of pages, so trying to pretend that you never said that or acted that way right now just makes you look like a fool.
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