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Originally Posted by Shana View Post
Awesome work Haku-chan! I like the vector a lot I like Chizuru's ribbon(?). The sig is very captivating and elegant (now I can't find the word for it...!!).

EDIT: Found the word! I meant it gave me a really serene feeling, plus it's captivating and elegant.
Thank you Shana-chan. For her ribbon I just used a pattern overlay to make those criss crosses. ^^

I quite like how the sig turned out also. But it's not worth a compliment. ^^;

Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Dammit, you people keep on posting this, it's almost as if I am goofing off on my own stuff. ..................Oh wait, I am goofing off while making my own stuff.

Seriously though, that's a nice vector!
Haha, get back in the game Daniel-san! xD

Here's another one. (I have way too much time on my hands, huh...)
Miyuki Takara is up this time.
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