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Originally Posted by Random Wanderer View Post
I figured the title just came from the dream he had in the beginning of the first episode, given that he was saying that exact sentence when his alarm went off and he woke up. Presented with the cute moe-moe little sister in the dream he insisted that HIS sister could not possibly be that cute. It shows that his personal view of Kirino is very different from what he considers to be the "moe imouto" character type.
Well that scene wasn't in the novel, so that's definitely not where the title came from. Rather, it was actually a title drop.

But yeah, like was said before Kyousuke views Kirino as rather cold (at least towards him) so he doesn't consider her very cute. Sure, she may look cute, but her attitude towards her brother certainly isn't. I'm sure over the course of the series she'll open up to him more and show that she does have a cute side. The title is then showcasing Kyousuke's denial/disbelief about it. It's hard letting go of preconcieved notions
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