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Originally Posted by omimon View Post
I'm surprised that their father didn't beat her ass in for dying her hair. Old-fashion ones like him usually does.
He also didn't approve of her modelling job either, but he allows it because Kirino's earned it: she has great grades and is the star of the track team too. That's why she's able to get away with such things and is doted on quite a bit.

Originally Posted by DJLowrider View Post
Doing so would actually show that he cares, which is something he has yet to show that he actually does for anyone in his family.
Being strict is the way he shows he cares, though. As said before, he doesn't want his kids to be 'corrupted' by what he percieves as a societal evil. He's just extremely firm and stubborn in his views.

Originally Posted by DJLowrider View Post
Furthermore, as an anime otaku Kirino has it particularly rough. These days many kinds of fandom are socially acceptable; even video gaming is fashionable these days albeit only to a degree. Anime otaku, however, have a major image issue that has been perpetuated by Japanese media at just about every level. So Kirino has to maintain this facade of a "normal" life or face being ostracized at school and possibly even at home by her parents (her father in particular). Once again it's fortunate Kyousuke is the one helping her come to terms with things. He's no kind of anime or game fan himself, but he is at least making an attempt to understand her and her hobby so he can help her adjust better. So many people don't even try to understand other hobbies or fandom; they merely label it and use that to classify people. But I digress.
While I sympathize in part with Kirino in her plight, at the same time I think she should step up and proudly admit that she likes what she likes. She's the one who's allowed the stigma to make her ashamed of her hobby. My parents probably don't like how I buy all these anime girl figures but I still proudly show it off to them. Going to that degree might be too much for her at the moment, I understand that, but the fact that she didn't even attempt to make otaku friends until Kyousuke suggested it just goes to show she didn't try to improve her situation at all. Forcing your brother into your hobby just so you can have some one to talk to it about is a start, I suppose

Spoiler for later on...:

Originally Posted by Hooves View Post
That gives you a suspicious thought of how they even came to be, as you said, there seems to be no connection to the family whatsoever. The father always gives a reaction to the word "otaku" or anything close to games, anime, etc, etc. So that means he is very strict about his children "corrupting" their minds to that certain thing, and who knows what he will do if he ever found out Kirino is an anime otaku
Like I said earlier, his strictness shows he cares. About Kirino, anyways. No one cares about Kyousuke But two episodes in I can see why you'd think so.

Spoiler for Later on...:
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