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Something like EoE could be very cool here, but I'd rather not see an episode or two that are all in Madoka's psyche, about her "finding herself", and the broader plot going on in the real world is just forgot about.
I seem to recall a long time ago there was a Brit TV series named "The Odyessy"(?) where the sword and socery series took place entirely in a hospitalized comatose boy's dreams, and it was surprizingly suspenseful in how he matures coping with his "adventures" despite it being a dream (you didn't feel shafted like what happened with "Dallas"), so I wouldn't mind if this all took place in a virtual universe in Madoka's mind within a non-magical world where her real-life Mami friend is doing well, and I agree it would be neat seeing her learning life lessons and maturity in her dream at the same time a'la "The Nutcracker." So yea, I'm open to this.
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