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See, the thing about comparing the TV series to Rebuild is this:

The TV series provided a reason as to why the pilots are random teenagers. It made the effort to make sure it WOULDN'T follow mecha norms by establishing the giant robots weren't just simple machines, and the pilots weren't interchangeable due to the whole soul-linking system. Regardless of how well it may or may not have been pulled off, you can't deny the original NGE at least tried to make itself be the Anti-Gundam.

Rebuild? Oh, no. The Evas are machines with easily removable motors and, as Ritsuko tells us during Asuka's temper tantrum, completely expendable pilots. Wow. Way to totally miss the point on what Evangelion is supposed to be. And then it has a glasses-wearing character who changes her eye color and shouts out some mysterious codename to cause her mecha to use an armor ejection gimmick.

Ho. Lee. Shit.

This is the pinnacle of "We wanted to do something different with Eva, but we don't have a single original thought of our own so we'll just blatantly rip off whatever's popular right now."

On top of the abysmal Vatican Treaty swerve, Rebuild 2.0 goes out of the way to intentionally violate ever principle NGE tried to establish and drag the entire work into a pit of mediocrity. Something that was explicitly designed to be the Anti-Gundam is literally now just another Gundam series.

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