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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
And btw, your example of Kaworu is a piss poor one for a couple reasons.
  1. He is one of the most widely criticized characters in the entire show. He enters the show EXTREMELY late, then leaves just as suddenly as he appeared.
  2. The effects he has on Shinji are much more notable than the character himself.
That wasn't the point. I was trying to say that a character can be presented in an interesting manner in a short period of time. A memorable character doesn't need 100+ episodes of development. Heck, one of the most iconic characters from any medium, dr. Hannibal Lecter, serves just as a ''guide'' for Clarice.(i'm only talking about the movie adaptation of the novel). That doesn't make him less interesting. He's interesting in his own right even without the background provided by Rising.

Same with Kaworu. The effects he had on Shinji make him a great character because by affecting Shinji, he fulfils his purpose as a character. Also, I couldn't care less about the ''widely criticized'' bit.
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