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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
I guess I have no choice but to debate this for the 10000000th time.


First can we agree on one thing... In context of 2.0, as a stand alone film, can you at least admit there was nothing really "interesting" presented by her character? If not I'll have to debate this too. She represents everything that Eva TV was not about.
Actually, the scene where 02 holds Shinji in its hand showing him the damage sustained by Tokyo-3 is pretty damn powerful. So, here's something Mari-related which I thought was well done. Other than that, she's pretty fun to watch and somehow fits with Rebuild's atmosphere.

And about Kaworu, can you really say he wasn't at least somewhat nicely presented? It's true his screentime was incredibly short, but he actually was and felt like a part of the show. He was a plot device but a pretty damn interesting one. Kaworu is nearly empty as a character. He's 'developed' not as a character but as a type, as a role, as what Shinji sees him as.

Also, Hannibal didn't have a lot of screentime. He played his role as a ''guide'' for Clarice. Apart from the subjective 'execution' excuse you presented, I don't see how my example was a poor one. Kaworu and him are essentially from the same gens if we are to consider their role as 'guides'.

The whole thing started with me saying that: ''Mari could be developed in an interesting manner in a short amount of time''. I myself am not satisfied with her character as it is. That doesn't mean I should randomly start bashing an incomplete work

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