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Scene 1: The Beginning of the Awakening and Oblivion

◆September 16th, 9:00 Episode/ Route A――――

"... Captain, hang in there! Captain!"
"Wake up, Captain! Wake up!"

Hearing these sudden voices――
The man opens his eyes.

"Ah...! He's regaining consciousness!"
"Th-Thank god! I thought he was dead!"

The man says nothing,
watching as the women in front of him speak.
"Anyway, what are you doing in a place, like this, Captain!? 
This isn't the command post, is it!?"

"Can you say your own name?
What's today's date?"

"... Eh... Ah?"
The man is thrown into confusion from being wrapped up in the storm of questions.
First, the man needs to get his bearings straight.

It seems the two women are wearing some sort of orange uniforms.
(Firefighters... no, a rescue party?)
The women's uniforms are covered in soot.
Disaster, accident, rescue――those unending images whirl in the man's brain.

"Who are... no, where is this...?"
At that time, the man realizes he is wearing the same attire as the women.
(...? Why am I...?)
He is assaulted by a strange, uncomfortable feeling.

It's as if he can't feel his own body. Why is he wearing this uniform?
"Just what... am I...?"
The man shakes his hazy head, and stands up.
His body feels quite strange.

His body and mind don't feel like they're linked correctly.
(It kinda feels like this body isn't mine...)
At the instant the man thinks that――
The air suddenly trembles.

"Wh-What the!?"
The women standing next to the bewildered man look at each other.

"Another explosion...!?"
"A fire might have broken out! Let's go, Captain!"
"No! Captain, please stay here and rest. We can take care of it by ourselves!"

※The image and text are still in the middle of development.
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