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Scene 6: Raising Doubt and Hope

◆September 16, 10:00 Episode/ Route A――――

When he opens his eyes, the side of someone's face comes into view.
It seems that she's holding him up and walking.
(That's right! I fell down...!)
When he thinks that, Watase's five senses rapidly recover.

"Ah! You've regained consciousness?"
"Are you all right, Captain?"
"W-Where...? Sensei, why are...?"

Watase's memories cease in the middle of when he was chasing that girl.
In his memories, there's a wide, gaping blank just sitting there.

"You collapsed inside the building circuit, and Moribe-san carried you to the emergency staircase. Right now, Moribe-san is with Tachibana-san, extinguishing the fires on the second underground floor. They asked me to bring you to the control room."

(TN: I think that "building circuit" is supposed to refer to the hallways that connect the individual buildings. Kinda like the ones in LeMU.)

"So that's it... by the way, what happened to that girl?"
"Sannomiya-san... Moribe-san said that it seems like she got away. She says that she was nowhere to be found in the circuit's contamination zone."
"Did she run to another Area...?"

Watase doesn't know where the girl ran off to.
But just before he fell, he feels that he saw her retreating figure――
Right after that, he has an intense headache, as the memories of that time have vanished.
But it's a fact that the girl ran away.

"I wonder why she ran away..."
"... I don't know. Do you have any clues?"
But he remembers that when he first met Yuuri, she was also frightened.
Maybe it's because from where she was being rescued, Watase's face looked very scary?

(No, could it be...?)
She had seen those corpses from before――was that why she was afraid?
He doesn't know the truth.
Watase sighs, and moves away from Ena.

"Can you walk?"
"Yeah... Anyway, she ran into the contamination zone... it's possible that she's been exposed to radiation."
"Wait. Concerning that, there might be a little bit of hope."
Ena says this, and takes something out of her breast pocket.
It's an already used cartridge of AD.

"What's that?"
"It had fallen by the staircase. If the one who used it was Sannomiya-san, then she is guaranteed some extent of safety."
"I wonder if she got through the contamination zone all right..."
But he can't be optimistic. It's likely that that girl doesn't have a Procyon.
As he thinks this, Ena speaks next.

"It's all right, Captain. The truth is, that girl is a prodigy who excels in everything."
"A prodigy?"
"That's right. She'll look through every way possible to find a definite method to keep herself alive."
"I see... that's certainly hopeful."
But it's nothing more than a faint hope――that's what Watase believes.

※The image and text are still in the middle of development.

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