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Originally Posted by Access
Seriously do half these things denote it as a 'speed-sub'? I am probably going to rip the karaoke out of one of my projects b'cos the guy that retimes it every ep. is inactive and I personally don't see a point in it. Likewise for credit translations. And sub styling is extraneous, I prefer to focus on the essentials and not the 'fluff'. The stigma of speed-subbing has more to do with the quality of the essential translations, editing errors, serious mis-timing, etc. -- not the lack of extraneous features like fancy fonts, karaoke, credit translations, etc.

Always question the status quo -- we need practicality and common sense, not fluff.

It's trully sad if you retime the karaoke every episode when its just the same clip of music and song being played every episode and you could just resync the start time and everything would be jolly and dandy.

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