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Just been thinking for the people who now think they can predict everything and believe Kougami & Makisima will now team up and together fight the sybil system, I do not agree at all.

I am not saying Kougami and Akane will not eventually fight the sybil system but I just cannot see it in their characters to then turn around and work with Makishima. Just looking at Akane thinking about her friend's death & Kougami has no reason to trust Makishima either.

I mean unless you think Gen Urobuchi's ultimate message in this story is choosing the lesser of two evils: working with Makishima or fighting against the sybil system. And then I am going to ask what is the lesser of the two evils (of course we don't know everything about sybil yet).

I would just be really surprised if it was that simple. Actually I am thinking Akane might be forced to make a difficult decision about Makishima & perhaps Kou, having to choose between them for the good of society. That to me seems much more up Urobuchi's alley. And that would also work with the symbolism we see in the openings.
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