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Originally Posted by cyth View Post
@Roger Rambo: Well, imagine that an animal (or its brain; same thing, really) is put in a position to decide who lives and who dies. Wouldn't that disturb you in the slightest? We have human beings in governments, courts and anti-crime task forces because everyone can accept the idea that humans get to administrate our societies. Even if there was an animal smarter than humans, I don't think it would get that privilege.
Cyth, you seem to have forgotten something. Human beings DON'T make these decisions. The computer system does, and everybody already knows it does. People have already subjected themselves to the will of a computer system. Whether the computer uses chips or animal brains as the processor, what's the difference? The average lay person would just find it *weird* that Sybll was animal brains.

The only thing that would MORALLY offend the average person to the degree that Choe would suggest, would be if Sybll was operated off human minds.
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