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So does anyone see any other possibility other then brains (or some form of genetics) for sibyl?

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Way to downplay her achievement. Dude, she was awesome!!!!!! As long as people like Akane continues to exist who can restrain themselves enough to do the right thing even at the height of those extreme emotion, humanity will evolve. You, sir, failed at appreciating this scene by measuring her action, so I deem you equivalent to a cold, impassioned Dominator.
OHnoes my secret identity has been revealed. Truthfully though the part where she doesn't kill him was good, I just didn't think running forward and hitting a guy with a helmet was that impressive when she's a police officer who received (I assume) some form of training. Let's put it another way, she deserves way better scenes then "damsel in distress armed with helmet against badguys."

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I wonder if they managed to upload the truth on the internet about sybil or it was too late
The area was sealed from outside communication.
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