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Originally Posted by felix View Post

OHnoes my secret identity has been revealed. Truthfully though the part where she doesn't kill him was good, I just didn't think running forward and hitting a guy with a helmet was that impressive when she's a police officer who received (I assume) some form of training. Let's put it another way, she deserves way better scenes then "damsel in distress armed with helmet against badguys."
It was quick, it was dramatic, and it was effective. It wasn't some grand showing of fighting expertise, but I honestly think its better this way. Akane shows how a physically normal human with will, resourcefulness, and resolve can make a real difference in a battle between high-end fighters like Kogami and Makishima.

Akane took down this show's main antagonist (thus far), and saved Kogami from getting killed. What more can you ask for, at least combat-wise? If everybody's genders were swapped in this show, you (or somebody else) would probably be accusing Kogami of being a "damsel in distress" who needed to get saved by the heroic Akane.

Sometimes anime does turn female characters into actual damsels in distress (*cough*Asuna!*cough* ), but sometimes viewers hold female action-heroines (and their writers) to ridiculously high standards. Akane saved the day. For somebody who's key strength has never been her combat expertise, that speaks well of her.
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