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Originally Posted by NoemiChan View Post
But she deserves "dislikes". I want Kogami, either he be a protagonist of an antagonist!!! But he'll be doing AWESOME stuffs and be a good guy in the end.

Akane on the other hand is... a bad, either she's a pro or anta.^^
Whatever you say...

Originally Posted by Akka View Post
She's an hypocrite protecting an inhumane system she hates just because she's too cowardly to face the prospect of having to make a decision herself, and hides the truth behind mere pretext about caring for others - I mean, she DOES care about others, but it's not the real reason preventing her from open rebellion.

Yeah she deserves scorn, hate and suffering.
She's not an hypocrite to me (she could be forced by the system in order to do her own safety, but not taken to the extreme), she reminds me of my own self where I want to protect the ones I like but feel hesitated when faced with difficult situations.

That's why I love her and she's like an angel to me.
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