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This episode was not a shocker, it was extremely painful to watch because of how much characters are lacking common sense here.
But that's exactly what the creators are pointing out about the world of Psycho-Pass: it's full of people who lack common sense.

The first question that needs to be answered is WHY. Why has the Japan of PP become a place full of people who lack common sense?

This answer was given to us in season one: we are again seeing the full effects of it here.

So the second question that needs to be asked is WHAT should be done about it? Which raises other questions: WHO, HOW, WHEN etc. The WHO question is especially important, because it should help answer the puzzle of 'why in the world have they done nothing about this?!'

To generalise my first point further: this is a world full of contradictions, a world that doesn't make sense, a world that operates only because of certain assumptions. When those assumptions are challenged by someone who doesn't fit into the system, then the system starts to fray. But what's the breaking point where it all really and truly falls apart? We didn't get there last season: will we this time?

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