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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
The problem is that the series is pushing this issue ad nauseam.
By season 1, the audience already realize that the system itself is flawed to no end, due to its own limitations and so forth. And thus far, season 2 doesn't address the issue either, it is yet another reenactment of "psycho exploiting the system weakness" shenanigans, with even less subtelty between the protagonists and the antagonist.

When a series use the rinse and repeat process without much actual progression in term of a solution, it makes you wonder the whole point of it.
If there was a tiny bit of progression (such like self defense lessons or inspectors having the authority to make independant actions/decisions), that would have been fine... except it is the frigging same circus.
The first season was about a sociopathic anarchist with a personality disorder trying to bring down the system by cultivating madness or human nature. He gamed the system but his disciples did not. They were mad and they used a machine to hide themselves when they could. The overlords wanted his brain for the collective.

The new season season is about a person who can avoid the scans and is trying to test and bring down the system with sanity or calmness. His subjects don't need a machine to have clear psyches, they can control their states of mind while doing horrible things.

We know the hive mind of serial killer sociopath brains that rule the city are interested in testing the system they watch over. The killer could just be one of them in a cyborg body.
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