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I'm not implying Kamui and Makishima have the same amibitious or MO, but the outcome is pretty much the same: overturn the current system.
Both are going back and forth, bypassing the system altogether.

Whether or not Sybil want to get a new brain isn't the problem. What is the critical issue at hand is that the very sociopath they want to get is also a very dangerous factor in their iron gauntlet ruling habits.
Makishima alone was enough to nearly take down the system by denying Japan of its self sufficient attribute. If someone like that could do that, I -really- have doubt you would let things unchecked once again.

Again, I don't expect Sybil to magically address all potential asymptomatic criminals or other weakness exploiters, but their "eyes" and "hands", as in enforcers and inspectors, are pretty much sitting ducks exactly because of the system weakness. Hence why I question the purpose of the latter, since Sybil would have the very same result by dispatching drones mounted with Dominator and a trigger happy mode for the hell of it.
Season 2 is actually making the Sybil system loophole even more glaring than it was in season 1. For a so called perfect system that has to use their own discretion to keep their rule solid and unquestioned, the brains are pretty much screwing around, big time.
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