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Well I guess I'd start...well the kids both having the Byakugan is the top of my wish list for this sequel if not I can settle with one of them, I DON'T want neither of them to have cause that would seem like a waste of potential...but given the the statement that Boruto is the prince heir to the Hyuga I feel very hopeful for this cause it sounds like he'll get it

Also while I get this is the series for the kids, I would like to see their parents get some spotlight from time to time or at LEAST the ones that didn't get much fight time in the original manga, I mean I am fine with Naruto not fighting (but this is still his series so doubtful that he won't lol) I mean it would be GREAT to see Hinata finally kick some ass considering she is Naruto's wife and it was her wish to be strong enough to be by his in short PLEASE don't make the women decide to retire to become housewives...I think this was ALOT of fans dread...but I would REALLY love to see a scene Hinata comes in and rescues her kids and proceeds to show off how strong she's yeah if I read from the start something like"Hinata is pregnant and can't be in the field and the timeline for her maternity leave HAPPENS to be the entire mini series" I think I would get a little pissed lol

Also maybe some more kids to add to the bunch of kids we have already have so we can have new characters that aren't carbon copies of their parents more or I figured the fact (from what we seen) Shino and Kiba not having kids means there won't be a little version of them running around (probably due to not being popular enough to warrent making up children for them but maybe we'll meet kids from their clan so who knows?)

Oh and a Hinata and Hanabi spin off? Is it like an SD comedy like Rock Lee's?
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