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Originally Posted by OH&S View Post
But the article says that the release date is April 27th as opposed to April 20th. Which date is correct?
Jump release dates:

Issue 17 (this week) - 23 March
Issue 18 - 30 March
Issue 19 - 6 April
Issue 20 - 13 April
Issue 21 - 20 April
Issue 22/23 (Naruto Spin off) - 27 April

The source of confusion was that people were thinking Issue 18 was this week's issue, forgetting that the magazine gets leaked 5 days in advance before official release on Monday, and counting the release date wrong. Of course, since Naurto was a series that had its speed scans come out 4 days prior to when it actually comes out, we can assume it will be out on the 23rd of April unofficially.
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