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Itachi doesn't kill kakashi , but does smake him and a few other junins around, i forgot who was with kakashi...but also i was sayin that having 1000 moves woudln't be to much of a bother for kakashi, but also kakashi hasn't always had the sharingan, and he has always been a very powerful ninja , being chuunin at age 7 i think it was

and chi or "ki" what ever u want to call it is real... it is scientificly proven. they tested normal people and there electrical field and then tested chigong masters and they could manipulate there electrical fields... and also wher able to take temps. to near freezing and also raise temps very high... they used a heat sinsitive camera, it was all really impresive... and where able to protect ther bodys by manipulating "chi" to certian parts of ther body
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