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Originally Posted by raikage
Nejitachi = many of (neji) !?!
Neji (Hyuuga genious) + Itachi (absolute genious of the Uchiha, Sasuke's brother)

Um..I don't think you can actually SEE the future with the Sharingan. I'm trying to remember an instance where that might have happened (either in the anime or manga), but I'm drawing a blank at the moment.
Of course you can't, the sharingan doesn't see into the futur, but it allow you to perfectly understand how your opponent moves and fight.

Plus, I don't think the Uchiha are necessarily the strongest. They ARE/were the most feared, but fear ≠ power. The fear comes from.
Seriously, Kakashi said that the Uchiha clan was the strongest, the 3rd said it, oro said it, Zabuza too, all the arena of the last chounin test became mad to wait the fight of an Uchiha.
Against a true sharingan's master, genjutsu is useless and ninjutsu is almost useless.
The only thing which work against the sharingan is the Taijutsu but even with that you must never ever look into the sharingan eyes during all the fight. Something that only Gai, the best Taijutsu Specialist in konoha and probably in the Naruto universe, can do.
But even with that, he's just at the level of Kakashi who isn't even a true Sharingan's master.

Plus, like I said earlier, the Rolodex of jutsu's can work against you in a combat situation. Hmm, should I use water cannon or fireball? Spider web might be good, too, or maybe I should use the bunshin first to distract my opponent. Add twenty more jutsu's to this process, and you might hesitate a little too long in the heat of battle. Probably not good.
lol yeah this must be a udge probleme for Kakashi who knows more than 1000 jutsu
or the 3rd who knew absolutely all the jutsu existing in Konoha

Originally Posted by GUTB_
Sharingan is more advanced, but still, it has its drawbacks; it uses a lot of strength so you can't keep it up for a very long time, while Bakyugan can be used for extended periods without trouble it seems.
No it's wrong both the sharingan and the byakugan is jutsu which use chakra when you use them, that's why Neji turn it off when he doesn't use it.
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